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Principal Data Scientist, Director for Data Science, AI, Big Data Technologies. O’Reilly author on distributed computing and machine learning.​

Natalino leads the definition, design and implementation of data-driven financial and telecom applications. He has previously served as Enterprise Data Architect at ING in the Netherlands, focusing on fraud prevention/detection, SoC, cybersecurity, customer experience, and core banking processes.

​Prior to that, he had worked as senior researcher at Philips Research Laboratories in the Netherlands, on the topics of system-on-a-chip architectures, distributed computing and compilers. All-round Technology Manager, Product Developer, and Innovator with 15+ years track record in research, development and management of distributed architectures, scalable services and data-driven applications.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Couchbase > couchDB + memcached


Damien Katz, creator of CouchDB, has announced on his blog a major change with CouchDB and his future work on it. Katz wants to continue working on Couchbase Server, a product that combines CouchDB with Membase and Memcached, but “definitely not part of Apache”. He wants that because in his opinion “it's reached a point where the consensus based approach has limited the competitiveness of the project." Also, he said that he would do many things differently if he was to start again. One of the main changes is porting large amounts of the code from Erlang to C/C++.

I think that the move to combine a json document store with a key-value store is brilliant. It offers the opportunity to combine the raw power of binary files and custom data (memcached) with the flexibility of schema-less json style documents (couchDB).

Still, the integration of the two technology components is not perfect, but the sum is definitely more valueable of the the two components alone.

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